2017 BAR Rules Update

Here's a quick update on the new BAR rules for 2017.

1Propose adding national/international events to the reimbursement race list for juniors along with National championships. And/or If the tour coincides with a VCA race reduce the 50% requirement for reimbursement by 1 race for tour Participants.Monsieur Mike CareyPassed
2A rider may defer free BAR/Omnium entry. The rider can defer the free entry given by winning the BAR for one following year. This must be declared before the first BAR race of the year and the BAR jersey may not be worn during the defered year.Marion PalmieriPassed
3If USADA testing is to occur at any event, the VCA will reimburse for one USADA specified porta-john.Sean YeagerPassed
4If the VCA dues are not paid by Apr 15, a $10 late fee will apply per month.VCA BoardPassed
5The Annual fee changes to $50 for small teams with no BAR winner possible, and $100 for full status in the VCA where BAR winners would be allowed for that team.VCA BoardPassed